You Cycle is a service provided by Bike Tours Portugal, a specialized Portuguese Tour Operator established in 2010.

Bike Tours Portugal offers tours suitable for all cycling levels with a special focus on Cycling Holidays.

Within our programs, you can find leisure, family & friends tours or high-end cycling experiences and training camps.

You can also count on our customer support, route planning, on-tour bike repair and gourmet picnics included in your trip.

As for bikes and equipment, Bike Tours Portugal makes sure all kinds of clients’ needs are covered: from Road to Trail-Gator, Baby seats and Child-trailers, we got you covered.

Our 23-feet trailers were custom-built to be the perfect partners for all Guided Tours. Not only can they hold all necessary bikes and equipment, they also have plenty of space for client’s luggage. A fully-equipped kitchen, water closet, built-in repair shop and wi-fi hotspot complete this ‘hotel on the road’.

First and foremost, we’re passionate about cycling; we love Portugal, and years of pedaling through these roads made us intimate with them.

Each and every ride leads us to something new, a tree that we’d never noticed before, a birdsong in the distance, the way the light crosses the pine trees at dusk. We’re in this business because it moves us.