What is the You Cycle concept?

Freedom of choice, ride independently and with total autonomy: welcome to the You Cycle Concept.

The You Cycle concept is for those who want to pedal at their own rhythm, choose when to start and where to stop. Whether it’s a quick break to simply smell the flowers or a longer pause to enjoy a hearty meal, you have total autonomy.

No one is expecting you to ride faster or slower. Nobody has a timetable you need to comply with. It’s all up to you. Absolute independence. Can you imagine it?

Create your own path, cycle at your own speed, navigate your own map. Leave all the hassle of finding accommodations, make reservations and deal with transfers and routes with us.

And if you feel it may be too difficult to carry your own personal bike, You Cycle also provides a rental bike service.

We offer a wide selection of bikes, equipment and gear, to make sure we satisfy all your bike needs, whether you are a beginner, enthusiast or even a professional biker!

You Cycle is a service provided by Bike Tours Portugal – experts in tailor made, guided and fully supported bike tours in Portugal.