Alentejo is slow living, a perfect place to relax. Time passes slowly and no rushes are needed here.
Vast plains and quiet roads. Vineyards, cork trees and olive trees.
Alentejo is the flattest region of Portugal, presenting easier routes due to this terrain (not entirely flat though!).
Side roads and agricultural paths are quiet and perfect for cycling.

Alentejo is a low density region. Villages are small and distant from one another. Farmers live apart, experiencing the freedom of the countryside and no one around for miles.
There’s no place for big hotels and masses. Here you find small accommodatons, that give you a feel of home. They are often managed by the owners themselves, that take care of you like family.
The “Alentejanos” are hard working people that welcome you in their homes and quickly share their meal. With a strong, almost musical accent, that accentuate their natural kindness and warmth.

Inhabited since ancient times, this is a land that breathes heritage in every corner. Castles, neolithic monuments,roman ruins, old crafts that are still kept like weaving and pottery, plenty to learn and see.
The Canto Alentejano, is the traditional genre sung without instruments, usually only by men, in a very slow pace manner, and it’s a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Once called the “granary of Portugal”, today its wines are awarded worldwide and the traditional gastronomy revisited by famous Chefs.
Red wines from here are strong and full bodied, mostly with indigenous grape varieties from the region like Alfrocheiro Preto or Trincadeira. In some places the old roman tradition of using clay pots to ferment their wines is still used.
The food is simple and delicious, consequence of a time when it was scarce and people had to make the most with what they had. Delicious dishes bread based and with lots of herbs were born, like “migas” or “açordas”. Give it a try!