The Évora Self-Guided tour takes you through Alentejo’s endless meadows, painted with cork, olive tress and rows of whitewashed houses.

Évora Self-Guided Tour will take you to the commonly known as the “bread basket” of Portugal.

This area of vast open countryside with extensive plains, has been reliant on agriculture, livestock and wood throughout the years.

Adding to all these features, the fertile land has been able to reveal all its special products, specially its high-quality wines, savored all over the world.

Not only you can feast in the countless gastronomical wonders of Alentejo, you can also appreciate all the archaeological remnants spread throughout the area, since prehistorical ages.

Join us in the Évora Self-Guided Tour to savor all the Alentejo delicacies!

TOUR: Alentejo – Évora Loop 2020

FORMAT: Self-guided

BIKE: MTB Bike / MTB-Hybrid Bike / e-bike

DURATION: 8 days

REGION: Alentejo




TRAILS: 88% Tarmac; 12% Smooth Dirt

– 670€/pax (November 1 – March 15); Single Supplement €190/NET

– 740€/pax (March 16 – June 11 and September 16 – October 31); Single Supplement €220/NET

– 845€/pax (June 12 – September 15); Single Supplement €240/NET

– €1.220 (November 1 – March 15);

– €1.320 (March 16 – June 11 and September 16 – October 31);

– €1.430 (June 12 – September 15)

Évora Self-Guided Tour Itinerary

Your journey will start in the UNESCO city of Évora. You can make your own way by train or bus from Lisboa.

Évora was conquered by the Romans in 59 BC and it was first named “Liberalitas Julia”.

Later that year, the first city hall was formed, which established the original perimeter of the city.

The outskirts of Évora, especially in the west, contain the most diverse and monumental megalithic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula.

– Briefing.
– Overnight in Évora

You will be biking in Évora, a city with more than two thousand years of history. Its narrow streets evoke memories of the Moorish presence.

Such a variety and diversity are related to the area’s privileged location in terms of natural traveling routes.

Along our cycling tour we’ll be passing by the Almendres Cromlech, one of the most significant megalithic monuments in Europe.

– Overnight in Évora
– Stage: 42 Km

You will leave Évora heading to Reguengos de Monsaraz.

Reguengos de Monsaraz is a small town located next to the Alqueva dam, famous for their wines, since it is favored by the local climate and its distinctive soil characteristics.

On a cycling day where vineyards are a constant reminder of the richness of this region, you’ll be passing by an unique Castle, built prior to the 13th century and due to its strategic location, essential for the defense of the region.

Before arriving to today’s destination, make a stop at the small village of Montoito to get a refreshment.

A traditional village with 2 main churches, as old as they can remember.

– Overnight in Reguengos Monsaraz
– Stage: 46 Km

Reguengos is a region of ancient human occupation.

Therefore, on today’s loop ride, you’ll get to see several relics that reveal the existence of different cultures from other times, like the Xarez Cromlech or the Lover’s Rock.

This region was inhabited not only by the Romans, but also by Visigoths and Moors. However, in 1167 it was finally conquered by the first Portuguese King.

Later on you’ll be heading to the medieval village of Monsaraz, considered a National Monument.

Bathed by the great lake, Monsaraz has impressive views over the Alqueva Dam and the Spanish border.

After that, it’s mandatory to stop at São Pedro do Corval – known as the Pottery center in Portugal, since it holds over 35 pottery factories.

– Overnight in Reguengos Monsaraz
– Stage: 43 Km

Today the route takes you to Redondo, known for its wine tradition, a result of its schist and granite fertile soils.

Redondo is also known for its traditional pottery, with naïf motifs illustrating the day to day of a rural life.

Before you arrive in Redondo, you’ll be passing by smaller and picturesque villages, with their typical white houses, with blue or yellow stripes around the doors and windows.

As you will notice, Alentejo is a land of slow living, for sure.

– Overnight in Redondo
– Stage: 34 Km

Your cycle continues towards a region famous for its cork tradition. In fact, this is where this versatile material is transformed in a variety of items.

Make sure to visit a cork factory on your way to Azaruja.

This small village was established in 1536 and later became the cork capital, since it was here the Spanish and British merchants decided to settle their cork factories.

– Overnight in Igrejinha
– Stage: 39 Km

It’s the last day of pedal, and the route will take you to Arraiolos, which is known for its ancient tapestry tradition, dating back from the 12 th century.

Furthermore, you will be able to appreciate all the flowers-based motifs as well as the medieval castle, of rare circular design.

Before getting to Évora,you will by cycling through the typical village of Nossa Senhora do Divor and the medieval marbled church.

On the way back to Évora, you will be able to appreciate the Aqueduct and its impressive built.

Furthermore, this national monument was mandated by King João III in 1532, it was finished in just 5 years and it had a length of 18km starting in Graça do Divor, where it got its supply of water.

– Overnight in Évora
– Stage: 43 Km

Private Transfer from Évora to Lisboa Airport (optional).

End of services.

  • Accommodation for 7 nights in a double room with breakfast (based on 3* lodgings or similar)
  • Briefing with Guide and roadbook
  • Luggage transfers hotel-to-hotel
  • KIT Self-Guided (GPS device with accurate routes + mobile phone)
  • Bike rental (TREK X Caliber 29 or similar) + Helmet
  • Insurance
  • 24 hours support line
  • Water bottle
  • Transfer from Lisbon Airport to Évora: 50€
  • Transfer from Évora to Lisbon: 50€
  • Transfer from Évora to Faro Airport: 95€
  • Rack Bags: 50€
  • Gel saddle: 20€
  • E-Bike: €270/Bike